MONEO - business management system for ambitious companies

Business management and accounting software MONEO is a single application for all your company team members. It joins all information in a flow so everyone sees everything he needs when he needs it. MONEO optimizes business processes, automates tons of manual tasks, reduces mistakes and boosts your business productivity.
Besides taking care of the accounting process, MONEO keeps track of all key business processes.
Cloud solution. Easy to use. Safe to work.
MONEO is a simple-to-use cloud solution - so all your data is available any time from anywhere securely protection and automatically backed-up. MONEO supports access control, GDPR regulation requirements, runs on Mac OS and Windows computers.
Outsource accounting without losing business control
“Gramatvedība biznesam” in cooperation with “MONEO Latvia” offer you a unique and powerful solution. Manage your business, control your costs and work with your outsourced accounting in one system. Your accountant will be always up to date and you will have full control over your business using powerful MONEO functions:
  • create sales invoices;
  • control costs;
  • control payables and cash flow;
  • review reports at any time;
  • record timetables;
  • keep track of inventory or use other MONEO features.
Working with your outsourced accounting in the same system gives you full control over finances and you can use a complete business management tool for your needs.
MONEO license for those who use outsourced accounting:
20,00 EUR / month
Create records and review reports in the following modules:
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Fixed Assets
  • Expenses
  • Cash book and Bank
  • Payroll and HRM
  • Cash flow overview
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SIA "Grāmatvedība biznesam"

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SIA Grāmatvedība biznesam
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